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The copyright to all content on the network belong to Vital Network Ltd unless otherwise stated and cannot be reproduced without explicit permission. For further details see Terms and Conditions as below.

If you feel any of our editors articles infringe your copyright, please contact: and we will deal with the situation immediately.

If you have any complaints about an article, please contact A copy of your email will be forwarded to the Vital F1 network administrator and the editor in question.

Terms and Conditions Of Use

This site is owned and run by Vital Network Ltd. Our registered address is: Marchant House, 10 Church Street, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5AJ.

By accessing this site or any site within the Vital Network Ltd group of sites, you are agreeing to be bound by our terms and conditions as set out below. Please read them carefully because - whether you are registered with any of our sites or not - you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as specified. The terms and conditions cover all parts of the Vital sites, including front page and story pages, forums, chat rooms, merchandising and services.

This website, including all coding and software used to deliver the site and its content, trade marks, licences, information, images and any other materials used within the site and network are owned by Vital Network Ltd or its licensors. By using this site you are not granted any right, interest or claim on these unless expressly stated within these terms or via a licence or other agreement with us.

Emails and Marketing:

Vital F1 is run by the fans for the fans, with most work done by two footie mad directors and our dedicated site editors. We try to provide as un-commercial a service as we can however we do like to pay our electricity bills, not to mention cover the costs of the images and hosting of this network! To that end Vital might, from time to time, send out third party email promotions. ALL promotions have an opt and ALL email promotions will be entered into a random draw as specified in the email.

Vital will also, from time to time, email you ourselves with news on our latest services or just updating members on how to get the most out of their membership. These emails will also have an opt out at the foot of the email although we do strongly ask you to receive these as they are only occasional and should be seen as an aid to your Vital experience!

If you don't wish to receive such emails, please email saying you want to opt out of 3rd party promotions and/or Vital F1 communications.


This site contains exclusive content and may also include content owned by third parties. Third party content is used on this site by express permission, licence, grant or another form of agreement between Vital Network Ltd and said third party. The content, material, goods, services and merchandise are for your personal and non-commercial use only. Commercial use of this site, without express permission, licence, grant or other form of agreement from Vital Network Ltd is expressly forbidden.

Content on this site, including any text, photographs, images, logos, badges, graphics, opinions, audio and/or video materials and any other form of communication belong to Vital Network Ltd or third parties where licences have been sought.

You must not, without our express permission:

°Reproduce, publish, post, transmit, upload, modify, change or disseminate or in any other way use or broadcast any of the content contained within the site. Re-distribution of said content in any form is forbidden.

°Create content, work, materials, images or any other form of communication that derive from our contents, work, materials, images or any other form of communication. This term is regardless of whether said created work is given, sold or bartered. It is expressly forbidden to pass off any of our contents as your own work or to profit from any of our contents without licence.

°Alter any or all parts of this site including html and url links to and from the site or any contents within it.

°Use for any other reason than is intended specifically for Vital sites or their subsidiaries, change or adapt -whether in its entirety or in part - any software available or used by the website excluding what is permissible by law.

°Remove any copyright, trade mark, notice of ownership, proprietary, rights or other identifying notices from any copies of content.

Any request to reproduce, licence, publish or re-distribute content should be sent to the registered address of Vital Network Ltd as printed within these terms.

Unlawful Use and Unsolicited Submissions.

°Vital Network Ltd does not accept unsolicited submissions. Any similarity between unsolicited submissions and contents within the site is purely coincidental and any unsolicited submissions become the property of Vital Network Ltd on receipt and we retain the right to use the submission in any way we see fit including deletion or publication. The fact you have sent an unsolicited submission negates your right to acknowledgement, recompense or notice and you waive all rights to said submission.

You must not, without prior permission (where applicable):

°Publish, post, or in any way communicate information or images that are pornographic, offensive, hateful, defamatory, libellous - whether real or allegedly -, racist, threatening, anything else expressly forbidden within these terms and conditions, or in any way inflammatory or illegal.

°Vital Network Ltd retains the right to remove without explanation any material it deems to be unsuitable or unwanted.

°Infringe, threaten, harass or annoy the rights of other users.

°In any way threaten, abuse, disrupt or spoil the quality and content of the network via menace, harassment, or viruses.

°Download, upload, reproduce or pass off as your own any contents or materials posted by another user.

°Chain letters, pyramid schemes, surveys, competitions and any other form of marketing are expressly forbidden unless a licence or agreement with Vital Network Ltd has been obtained. To obtain said licence or agreement you must contact Vital Network Ltd at our registered address as printed within these terms.

°Hack into any part of our network or subsidiary sites.

°You are expressly forbidden to promote, advertise, offer, sell or market any goods or services unless under a licence or agreement with Vital Network Ltd.

°Distribute or upload files, content, materials or anything that breaches intellectual property rights, licences, any laws or confidences.


°In order to use the forums provided you must provide a username, password and a working e-mail address.

°Remember any information that you post on the forums become open for public consumption so it is your responsibility to consider what information you wish to divulge.

°If you read or see any contents that you consider offensive you may contact us by the email within these terms or conditions or contact the moderator of the forum if appropriate.

°We retain the right to remove or partly remove any posts on any of the forums without notice, explanation and do not have to enter into any dialogue with reference to the post removed or partly removed.

°Cookies must be turned on in your browser to participate in these forums because they are used to hold on to your username, password and viewing options allowing you to login.

°You are welcome to submit messages (post) and enter into discussions with other users. Within the limitations of copyright you may also quote and upload images. Vital Network Ltd accept no responsibility for any of the messages within the forum.

°Vital Network Ltd do not endorse, agree or disagree with any content submitted. We offer no guarantees or warranties to the content within the forum and can’t vouch for the accuracy or reliability of said information.

°We assume no responsibility to monitor the forums although will endeavour to do so either ourselves or via moderators. Vital Network Ltd or its moderators words are final on what is and isn’t allowed on the forum.

°You must agree to limit yourself to the subject specified in the forum and must agree that Vital Network Ltd have no liability whatsoever for what is posted.

°By posting on the forum you are granting Vital Network Ltd a payment free non exclusive license to modify, translate, distribute or sub license the message either in full or in part and in any form we deem appropriate, including for merchandising purposes or for posting within story pages anywhere in the Vital Network or third party sites or other means of communication and broadcasting.

°Threatening or illegal behaviour can and will, without exception, be reported to the police.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability:

°Vital Network Ltd retain full rights to the operation of – and services offered – within the site. We retain the full and unequivocal right to change without notice any of the contents, services, formats and relating material or to withdraw or suspend said services, whether temporarily or permanently.

°Vital Network Ltd seek to do its utmost to ensure the site runs at its optimum capabilities but have no obligation in law to do so.

°We offer no warranties or guarantees in respect of the site, accuracy, quality, suitability, whether it is fit for the purpose or completeness of any content, communication, image, broadcast or services – apart from what we are legally obliged too.

°We shall not be liable for any actions taken by you as a result of any recommendations made or information provided by this site. You are solely responsible for said action, whether the action was taken via a link from our site or not. We accept no responsibility and offer no guarantee of the services, materials or contents – or anything else relating to – third party links published within this site. We are not liable for or responsible in any way for said link or any transaction or service used concerning the site the link leads you to. Third party links on this site are not endorsements of said site or services offered.

°Vital Network Ltd will not guarantee or offer any form of warrantee to be free of viruses, for lack of performance or anything that could contaminate or cause damage to your property. You enter the site at your own risk and are responsible for your web browser and computer settings.

°You must also ensure that you comply with all instructions from Vital Network Ltd in relation to access and use of our site and services offered. Vital Network Ltd accepts no liability or responsibility for the security or contents of any information which you, or others may supply via our site or services.

°You indemnify Vital Network Ltd against any loss or damage arising from your unauthorised use of this site. You agree to hold Vital Network Ltd and any of its subsidiaries, third parties, representatives, agents and any other employees including directors safe from any claim or demand - including legal fees - made by third parties arising from content, materials or services or anything else provided or transmitted or in any other way communicated through you. You retain liability and we remain harmless from legal or other actions due to your violation of these terms or any other rights of us or anyone else.

°You also agree to indemnify us against any loss or damage resulting from any unauthorised disclosure of any passwords or usernames. You remain liable for any claims, actions, demands, costs – including legal costs – awards or damages regardless of how they arise whether directly or indirectly as a result of any breaches or non-performance by you of any of these terms and conditions.

°We accept no responsibility for the security or content of any information or image or service provided by you or posted by other users.

°Vital Network Ltd retain the right to change or modify these terms and conditions without notice and have no duty to highlight or communicate said changes apart from publishing the terms and conditions. It is up to you to read said terms and conditions on a regular basis to ensure you are up to date with the latest version.

°If you decide to register with Vital Sports Network or any of its sites we will provide – where necessary – a username and password. Delivery of said information will be not only at our discretion but also within our own time scales. You must keep your username and/or password confidential at all times (apart from where the username is for public display in forums or chat rooms). Any breach of these terms - following disclosure by you of this information - will be deemed, as a breach by you and you alone will be liable for any action.

°You must notify Vital Network Ltd immediately if you lose your password or if your password has become known by anyone else. You can contact us via the email address at the bottom of these terms and conditions.

°You must notify us of any changes to your registration details.

°Vital Network Ltd retain the right to terminate your use of – or access to - the site or services provided without notice or explanation for any reason whatsoever. We also retain the right to ban anyone from this web site and services. Termination will result in the cancellation of your username and password and you must cease using said information immediately.

°We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of advertising, sponsorship or promotions or services offered. Advertisers, sponsors or promoters have full responsibility for the accuracy and content of said communications and broadcasts.

°Vital Network may, from time to time, offer prizes, competitions or lotteries. Terms of these will be decided by us and made known to you at the relevant time.

Goods and Service Purchases.

Vital Network Ltd might, at its discretion, offer goods or services for sale either directly from us or via a third party.

°If goods and services are offered via a third party, it is with them that you will be contractually obliged and them contractually obliged to you. Vital Network Ltd would therefore have no responsibility for said transaction. It is your responsibility to ascertain with whom you are entering into a contract with.

°It is up to you to check further terms and conditions of sales of goods or services whether with Vital Network Ltd or a third party.

°Vital Network Ltd offer no guarantees for third party transactions and assume no liability.

°Prices will be clearly marked, as will delivery times and costs.

°Prices displayed are an ‘invitation to buy’, once you go to checkout and click to purchase this is an ‘offer’ made by you to us or a third party. ‘Acceptance’ of said offer occurs when you receive notification from a third party or us.

°Prices can be changed at any time before conclusion of the ‘acceptance’.

°Payment is by cheque, paypal, credit card, debit card or any other method of payment Vital Network Ltd choose to accept. Methods of payment that we accept is exclusively our decision and we retain the right to withdraw any method of accepting payment.

°Delivery will depend of the goods or services purchased and will be made clear at the time of purchase. Goods small enough to go via the post will be sent first class.

°We aim to fulfil delivery with 28 days unless otherwise stated.

°Delivery delayed beyond the stated term will – at your written request – entitle you to a full refund.

°If the ordered goods are no longer available we will endeavour to provide suitable replacements or a full refund – at your discretion.

°Cancellation is possible before we send said goods via whichever method we have deemed most suitable. If we have already taken payment a full refund will then be processed.

°Once the goods are within the delivery system, you are not entitled to cancel as the property will be deemed – in law – as being yours once it is in the postal or courier system.

Cancellation is not possible if you have ordered customised goods unless you notify us before the creation of said goods or services has begun.

Notification of cancellation must be in writing to either the address stated in these terms and conditions or the email address in the contact section below.

Refunds will only be given on faulty or damaged goods or under other terms as set out in the Sales of Goods Act.

We may, at our discretion, offer refunds if you have changed your mind providing the goods are returned as new and unused. We retain the right to take out reasonable costs – such as posting and packing – before refunding the balance.

Terms Jurisdiction:

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and used in accordance with the laws of England. You agree irrevocably agree that said Courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute whatsoever in relation to these terms and conditions and the use of this site or services provided by Vital Network Ltd. Users who access this site from other jurisdictions do so at their own initiative and are responsible for compliance of any local laws. Vital Network Ltd is operated and controlled in England but retain the right to operate or control it elsewhere. You may not in any way, shape or form transfer, assign or sub-licence your rights under these terms.

If any clause, provision, term or condition within these terms are found to be invalid by any court within this jurisdiction said part would be deemed invalid. The rest of the Terms and Conditions shall remain valid and in full force.

Vital Network Ltd may sub-contract or licence any of its obligations, contents, terms, operations, services or anything else relating to the site without notice. We also retain the right to delay enforcing its rights under these terms and conditions without losing them. These terms and conditions supersede all previous agreements and terms relating to this site.


Please feel free to send your questions, report problems or apply for permissions or offer advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

To contact Vital Network Ltd please either write to us at the address published at the top of these terms and conditions or email us at: If you agree to these terms and conditions please press the 'Agree' button. Otherwise, press the 'Cancel' button and forgo the benefits of being Vitalled! By pressing the 'Agree' button you are stating that you are 13 years of age or over and you are fully responsible for any information or images you supply. You also are agreeing not to post any copyrighted material that is not owned by yourself and are bound by all the terms and conditions as set out above.

To de-register as a member of Vital F1 please email stating your registered username.

Welcome to Vital. Enjoy.